• Account Management

    A crucial aspect of managing your corporate real estate properties is account management. The finances involved with maintaining your company properties in the Minneapolis area can be complex and confusing, easily getting out of hand and draining vital resources from your business. Wave Commercial Consulting near Minneapolis, MN, can handle all your facility account management as part of our comprehensive corporate asset management services.

    Make Your Corporate Properties Profitable 

    The expenses of managing corporate real estate properties in Minnesota can defy logic. Some properties suffer from expense creep and lack of oversite leading to a bloated budget that does not positively contribute to the profitability of your business. How do you make sure your corporate properties contribute to your overall business profitability?


    Corporate real estate account management from Wave Commercial Consulting is the specific solution to the various problems of real estate costs. Our seasoned team knows corporate real estate and what it takes to keep it a viable asset instead of a huge liability. We’ve worked with numerous industries across Minnesota and know the most common cost drivers and pitfalls that come with building maintenance, repairs and tenant relationships.

    Use the Past to Create a Better Future 

    Our team can perform a comprehensive review of your company real estate accounts and current processes and formulate a plan to not only get a handle on expenses, we can also study your history of expenses and other important factors to predict future needs. Every aspect of your corporate real estate financial picture comes under scrutiny to ensure its viability and contribution to your company’s success.

    • Budgeting for tenant CAM/tax or building performance

    • Reconciliation creation for owners

    • Auditing services for tenants

    • Expense trending leading to course corrections

    • Invoice approval and oversight

    • Material/supply cost reviews and analysis

    • Feasibility studies and ROI analysis from potential energy efficiency retrofits

    Once your property asset management is under control with streamlined processes and better use of resources, we can make sure your team on the ground maintains the best practices for facility use, maintenance and profitability.


    Don’t sit back and watch valuable resources drain away in property upkeep or building performance costs. Contact Wave Commercial Consulting in Cologne, MN to get control of your real estate accounts. Make your corporate real estate portfolio true assets to the overall profitability of your company.

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