• Property and Facility Management

    When you need seasoned, on-the-ground property and facility management for your corporate real estate properties in Western Minnesota, turn to the team with over 20 years of experience and a broad knowledge of real estate issues. Wave Commercial Consulting offers proactive management services to establish a business environment with fewer breakdowns and downtime for higher efficiency and cost reduction.

    Maintenance and Engineering Staff Support 

    Every great team needs a leader that knows the nuts and bolts of the business. Our seasoned team members can direct and support your existing company maintenance and support staff at properties in Minneapolis, providing valuable mentoring and leadership training to enhance their innate skills and knowledge. We can even teach select members of your non-real estate staff how to handle some property management issues to keep your team smaller but more capable.

    • Routine maintenance schedule reviews

    • Safety reviews

    • Breakdown forecasting

    • Team training

    • Supply and cost reviews

    Problem Diagnosis and Solutions 

    Problems will arise with your commercial properties in Minneapolis from day-to-day use. When this happens, we do more than make phone calls. Your property manager from our team performs on-site evaluations, interviews team members, asks the right questions and then contracts with the best service vendor to handle the problem. Gathering first-hand information and providing this data to the vendor is often the key to discovering swift solutions the first time.


    Our team is connected with a wide variety of different independent vendors throughout the area that offer cost-effective and seasoned services. We know the vendors we use and you can be confident in their abilities, integrity and reliability.

    Long-Term Construction Planning 

    As your business operations in Minneapolis expand and demand more space, your property manager from Wave Commercial Consulting becomes a valuable partner to aid in long-term planning of projected building or expansion projects.

    Minnesota Commercial Property Management 

    Wave Commercial Consulting offers seasoned on-the-ground property and facility management for your company properties throughout the Minneapolis area.


    Contact us today at our offices in Minneapolis for more information about our property and facility management services in your area.