• Project Management

    Worries over construction costs and contractor headaches can distract you from your focus on the vital day-to-day operations of your company in Minneapolis. Leaving the project management details to a seasoned commercial real estate consultant can mean saving money on costs while still getting what you need in a very tough materials and personnel environment. Wave Commercial Consulting offers project management services when your company is engaged in capital projects for expanding property and operations across Western Minnesota.

    Represent Owners to General and Sub Contractors 

    How do you run your company in Minneapolis while managing huge capital projects elsewhere? You need a trusted representative to handle every aspect of project management, one who understands your goals, values, budget, time constraints and other vital aspects of the project. This commercial real estate contractor must know the ins and outs of building new properties for commercial uses, and have the knowledge and experience to handle everything from contractor disputes to material delays to weather setbacks and more.


    A seasoned project manager from Wave Commercial Consulting can serve as an effective and reliable go-between to represent you, the company owner or president, and the entire capital construction project. This manager will deal with general contractors and subcontractors, partner with seasoned but low-cost providers, ensure the steady flow of materials and trained personnel and manage the timeframe for construction. Let us handle the details of:

    • Permitting

    • Contractor disputes

    • Lien wavers

    • Safety management

    • More…

    Your project manager from Wave Real Estate Consulting will keep you up-to-date on everything done on your behalf, with regular reports and information; plus, they are readily accessible when you have questions or ideas.

    Partner with Reliable Service Providers 

    How do you know you have the best contractors for your capital real estate project in Minneapolis? Wave Commercial Consulting partners with numerous seasoned service providers in a host of industries. We know the companies to trust with every facet of your project because we’ve worked with them before. You can rely on their integrity, skills and reliability because we’ve vetted them already.


    The right service providers can save on material costs, labor costs and time delays while delivering quality work that results in superior buildings and facilities. We save you the time and efforts of locating, vetting and negotiating with these providers, allowing you to focus your energy on maintaining the profitability of your ongoing business operations.


    A project manager from Wave Commercial Consulting has the integrity and seasoning you need to manage capital projects on your behalf, ensuring a seamless construction project from start to finish. Contact us today for more information about managing new capital projects near Minneapolis, Minnesota.